Airsoft in North Bay

Welcome to your new favorite sport, we're excited to have you! We've written this page to help guide you on how to get started. The airsoft community in North Bay has history that goes back as far as 1996. Groups would play around the area in Corbeil or Hunstville at a paintball field or at private property.
These days the majority of the Airsoft community is at Select Paintball & Airsoft in North Bay. There is also a large community and private field in Sudbury.


We have players in all age groups.


The airsoft community in North Bay calls Select Paintball & Airsoft home. During a regular season, you can guarantee to see players meeting there in the morning (9am EST) every Sunday until the late afternoon playing scrimmage games or meeting for organized large games. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for organized game dates.


There are many places to find north bay (and area) players. The largest community is our discord - a free chat app for your desktop or phone.

There is also a private Facebook group you can request to join, click here to request.


We have many teams in North Bay, in no particular order here is the roster we're aware of.

The Airsoft community in the area is large and friendly. We hope to see you out during the season, don't be a stranger, stop in our discord or join our Facebook group!