Let us help you sell your old Airsoft gear

Let us help you sell your old Airsoft gear

We now accept & sell used items on consignment. Our consignment program is as simple as it gets, to get you paid.

Browse the currently available used items here.

How to sell items

Visit the store during operating hours with your gear, and we'll help you decide some prices to sell at. We get photos and descriptions, then your items will be up on the website and available in-store behind locked cabinet.

How to get paid

We refuse to impose any unfair fees on those that choose to sell with us. We only have two flat rates, that are per-item.

Airsoft Guns: $20 flat rate (before tax)
Airsoft Gear: $5 flat rate (before tax)

This means if you sell an airsoft gun for $400 with us, you receive $380. If you sell a red dot or other accessory for $20 with us, you receive $15. That simple.

How do I get my items back?

When selling with us, you sign a consignment agreement that allows you to pickup your items (with fair notice) during operating hours. That means if you decide to keep your items, or sell privately instead, you can alert us and we'll remove the item from inventory. There is no fee for removing items.

Will you list & ship the items on HopUp or Reddit for me?

Yes, however we restrict this to high value items only. And the flat rate fee is doubled to pay for the box, tape & labour of multi-listing.

 Things to keep in mind

  • This service is not for everyone, we are offering this for those that don't want to manage the transaction of selling used airsoft items.
  • Fair notice to pickup your items is loosely defined as you cannot request to pickup outside of operating hours.
  • If customers purchasing your items decide to pay with credit card or debit, the processing fee is deducted from your payout total.

If you have any additional questions, please send us a message on Facebook.com and we can help you out.

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