How To Start An Airsoft Team

How To Start An Airsoft Team

Starting your own airsoft team is easier than you think, here's a list of things to consider while starting yours.

Team Name

The name of your team is all up to you. There are no rules here, be creative! Some things to consider while choosing a name are name availability and its purpose.

It's not great practice to "copy" another teams names that operate in the same area as you or that might be operating in other areas of the world. You might be easily confused with each other. Search around a little to see if others have already claimed fame to the name.

Purpose takes a back seat, but can guide you on ideas. Are you creating a military simulation team, speedsoft team, or a hybrid? Look around at the other teams in your area, their purpose, and understand how their name might reflect their purpose.


Stand out with a great logo, don't settle for any ms paint work your buddy cranked out. Ask around to see if anyone you know might do graphic design, or hire someone!

One great place to hire some help is Fiverr, you can get logos done for as low as $5. Click the image to get started.

Social Media

You have a team name, logo, now what? Time to let the world know! Create a Facebook page, Instagram, TikTok or any other profile to get seen in your area. Some communities might be only on Facebook, others might be on YouTube. Take a look around the community you want to be apart of, and join those platforms to interact.

It's better to post anything than nothing. And if you have nothing to post, find other profiles and comment on their things. All these actions get your team name out there, and is free!


This is different for everyone - but talk often. Some teams like to text using cellphones, others use things like discord to create a server for themselves. Look at your team, what they already use to talk to each other, and stay active with each other. A team that does not talk, is not a team.


It's the 21st century and you can get your logo on condoms. Maybe don't do that, but absolutely organize and pick some things that will get your team or members of your community excited. Something high impact and low cost is stickers, you can give them out and have others represent your team wherever they go.

StickerMule is our #1 choice, all our stickers are made by them. Use the banner below to get $10 credit on your first airsoft team sticker pack - a tight deal!

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule

Let's review. You have a name, logo, group chat & stickers. Go forth, be awesome, and call your hits.

Tag us on Instagram @nipissingairsoft with your team, or join our discord - we love to network!

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